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prickly pear oil benefits for your skin

Are you into hydrating and brightening your face as well as achieving soft, glossy hair that will make even the bosses at Pantene jealous?

*Drum roll please*

Holla at our Prickly Pear Cactus Face & Hair Oil!
Don't be fooled by the name, this super-dooper, vegan-friendly hair and skincare essential is THE new kid on the block for natural self-caring. Packed with amino acids and antioxidants to keep your hair flipping on the daily, and fist-pumping your way through business meetings, assignment deadlines and gym sessions.

But let's get down to the nudie rudie details.

You might have no idea how to use hair oil, what the advantages of using prickly pear seed oil are, and no clue of facial oil benefits. Don't stress, we've got you.

Designed to help say 'see ya later' to hyperpigmentation, dark spots, under-eye circles and irritated skin, prickly pear oil is chock-a-block with antioxidants & essential fatty acids. That means it helps soften wrinkles, stimulate new cell growth, calm inflammation and help restore skin elasticity.

Not only is this oil fast-absorbing, so you don't have to walk around looking like a shiny, grease ball for ages, the prickly pear seed oil is high in vitamin E (the anti-aging vitamin), and is guaranteed to brighten your skin. Can we get a hell yeah?

Packed full of all the fan-f**kin-tastic vitamins (Vitamins A, C & K) you need to have for your skin to look its absolute best all day, every day, prickly pear cactus seed oil is a superfood face oil that'll help to clear your eczema (you ain't got time for that) and your acne (we've all been there).

But that's not oil (see what we did there??)

Prickly pear cactus seed oil is our superhero in this face and hair oil, but let's not forget the extra-ordinary apricot and sweet almond oil making it a match made in skincare heaven.

These two ingredients combine to make it not only the best hair oil for growth, strength and shineability, but also one of the best facial oils for dehydrated skin. Add in the benefits of Argan oil, which is rich in Omega's 3 & 6 and essential fatty acids, all up our cactus oil will protect your face, scalp and hair against the sun, wind and UV radiation damage.

There's pretty much nothing this oil can't do. Except maybe call your mum back and find you a boyfriend.

And don't think we've forgotten about all our sensitive skinfood lovers. This oil is mostly noncomedogenic, meaning it's unlikely to clog your pores with light and breezy vibes on your skin. Your skin will feel like velvet, leaving you feeling like a million bucks.

Now for how to use it.
We're gonna be real with you, the idea of putting oil in your hair may leave you with a bit of a sticky feeling inside, but it's easier and more mess-free than you might think. All you have to do is use a teeny-tiny amount as a hair oil treatment & pre-shampoo routine, or to style and define your hair. That's it, it's really that simple.

Now it should be easy for you to figure out how to use this oil for your face but if you can't, just massage a few drops into the skin like you would any other moisturiser, and reap the rewards after only a few uses.

So get into your pj's, pour a glass of wine, pop on some prickly pear cactus face and hair oil and treat yourself to some trashy tv knowing it's the best face oil for glowing skin and for glossy hair that'll shine bright like a diamond.

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prickly pear oil benefits for your skin