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keep your skin happy with a simple oil cleansing

Face, hair and body oils love diversity, they can work in different ways to help your skin depending on how they are applied to the skin. Let’s talk to about the oil cleansing method, our new fave skin treatment to clean out those pores.

keep your skin happy with a simple oil cleansing

Why Should I Drench My Face in Oil When I'm Trying to Look Less Oily? 

We'll admit that oil cleansing sounds kinda scary and more than a little icky, but trust us when we say it'll blow your mind and completely revamp your self-care routine! If you're lusting after blemish-free, healthy and glowing' skin than oil cleansing is your thing. 

But before we get into the nitty-gritty details, we're gonna debunk a skincare myth. YOUR SKIN NEEDS OIL TO FUNCTION HAPPILY. Okay sorry for shouting at you but it's important. You need to be mindful of the products you're putting on your face as most of them strip the oil from your skin, leaving it irritated and seeing red (much like your boss when you ask for more annual leave even though you just got back from an overseas holiday). Each time we tell the oil in our skin to giddy-up and hitch a ride back to where it came from, our skin overcompensates and produces more oil which then traps in all the nasties that you most definitely, 100%, absolutely don't want. In other words, don't try to separate your skin and its oil. Because they will find their way back to each other. And they'll be very unhappy that you tried to keep them apart. And they'll retaliate. Hard.

Do not, under any circumstances, be afraid of applying oil to your face. A simple cleansing oil will heal, protect and moisturise your skin, leaving it footloose and blemish-free. Having said this, don't go overboard. It will only leave your skin annoyed at you again, and you ain't got time for that. 


When's the best time to oil up? 
Being the skinfood junkies that we are, we recommend using your oil-based face cleanser at night time before you get all snuggly in bed. There's no reason to do it in the morning if you've properly cleansed and washed your face the night before, and unless you have the world's dirtiest pillow (and if you do…..girl, c'mon), your face should still be squeaky clean. 


Wait, but how do I oil cleanse? 
- Firstly start off with your fave/best cleansing oil (try our Hemp Face Oil or our Lavender + Chamomile oil *wink wink, nudge nudge*). 

- Pour a generous little puddle of your oil into the palm of your hand.

- Now rub them hands together to warm up the oil and smooth it over all your pretty, dry face.

- Let's begin. Start massaging the oil-based cleanser onto your face (you could even close your eyes and pretend you're at a spa and those are someone else's hands - free facial!)

- As sure as the beauty belongs with the beast and as sure as you can't go out on a Saturday night without having at least one too many drinks (hey no judgement, we've all been there) this will surely remove any dirt, makeup, gross & icky stuff from your face.

- Use slow, firm motions to massage the oil deeply into your skin, making sure to take time on your problem areas (acne, here's lookin' at you).

- Relax a bit. If you're stressing about something, stop it. Your skin knows when you're anxious and will try to make it worse by giving you pimples as a present.

- Once you feel like you've rid your skin of the crap it was holding onto, pick up a washcloth and run it under hot, steamy water and bring it to your super clean, refreshed face.

- Leave the cloth on your face until it cools down and gently wipe away the excess oil.

- Repeat the last 2 steps 2 or 3 times. Easy peasy! 

Give your face time to adjust to this new cleansing routine, aka if you notice any dryness, blemishes or other skin irritations after a couple of cleanses, chances are it's not the oil cleansing method. Your skin will be getting rid of all of its impurities, and more than likely just wants to settle in so just let it do its thang, and you should be shinin' and glowin' in no time. 

That wasn't so scary, was it?