A Butt Naked Visit To Save-A-Dog Scheme

We recently visited animal shelter Save-A-Dog Scheme in Glen Iris to meet the furry friends and the amazing volunteers that do so much to help give these beautiful rescue dogs and cats a second chance at a life they deserve.


save-a-dog-keep  save-adog-scheme-buttnaked
Left: Volunteer at Save A Dog Scheme Right: Patrizia (Butt Naked Director) gets a tour of the shelter with Di + Julie
SADS provides care to dogs and cats where it is most needed and often not available elsewhere. They take the abandoned, the sick, those whose owners have died or who for many reasons cannot keep them, or do not want to keep them.

Founded in 1985 SADS was established to address the shocking kill rate of dogs at Municipal Animal Pounds and other Animal Welfare Organisations in Victoria, and to save as many of man’s best friends as possible. Pam Weaver, founder of SAD’s began by fostering dogs in her home and enlisted many like-minded people to also help our furry friends. (that’s our kinda gal!).

In over 33 years, the loyal and generous support of all volunteers and people turning to rescue shelters has helped SADS
save many thousands of dogs, and for the past 20 years, cats, from certain death so they may happily live out their natural life spans.


We had the pleasure of meeting some of the volunteers that help run SADs. I was in awe of the compassion and dedication they have to help animals in need. It is not the most glamorous job at times, (no one enjoys picking up poo... I certainly don’t) but the love and compassion that is shared to all the animals that enter Save-A-Dog Scheme is honestly something we should
instil on all humans.

Many of the volunteers find themselves fostering a dog
or cat, allowing them more freedom and a homely environment until they find a suitable home… and sometimes the foster home becomes their forever home!
Walking through to meet all the dogs was harder than expected and I applaud every volunteer who can do this day in, day out. The newest dogs to Save-A-Dog Scheme looked unsettled and frightened as they are unsure of where they are, but thankfully for them, they are in good hands.

Being a sucker for all dogs, of course, I wanted to hug them all, (and take them home), knowing I couldn’t help them at that moment was heartbreaking for me, (definitely teared up a few times). With a strict no-kill policy, all animals that arrive at the shelter WILL find a home and receive the proper medical treatment for their entire stay. Veterinary bills are a significant cost for Save-A-Dog Scheme, but they are an important part of the commitment to ensure the animals are in the best of health to be adopted into a new home.

buttnaked-saveadogscheme  animal-shelter

Image: Patrizia (Butt Naked Director) meets some of the dogs up for adoption. 
Save-A-Dog Scheme does not take the adoption process lightly. Anyone that expresses interest in adopting a dog or cat must meet certain criteria, then apply for an adoption. You will then meet the dog and the volunteers will assess if it is a good match for the potential new parents.

“In an ideal world places like us wouldn't need to exist but unfortunately we don’t see the situation drastically changing in the future. It’s getting better, but not better enough”. Save a dog Scheme Volunteer.

The main message is to start educating people about the responsibility, commitment and compassion involved in owning a fur baby, but also the importance of doing your research before you choose your forever furry friend. With the decline of the horrendous puppy farming industry, we hope to see more people turn to shelters to rescue dogs and cats in need, but it is something we need to create a stronger awareness about to change societies behaviours and attitudes.


Save-A-Dog Scheme
relies heavily on volunteers, donations of food, bedding and money. They need your support with the upgrade of their Yarrambat shelter facility which will help save more lives. But they can’t do it without you.
Please help Save-A-Dog Scheme to urgently raise $500,000 to further develop the facility.

The Yarrambat facility is set on 33 acres of environmentally protected land. It is fully owned by SADS will enable many more animals to be saved, cared for and be rehabilitated whilst awaiting permanent adoption. However, the infrastructure is old and badly in need of redevelopment to provide better care for their animals and to comply with the code of practice for animal shelters. This property ensures that even the most traumatised and very large active dogs can be saved due to adequate resources.
To donate please head here



A big thanks to Di and Julie for the opportunity to meet the team at Save a Dog Scheme, at Butt Naked are truly passionate about helping dogs, cat and a cruelty-free life for all animals. Our mission is to continue to support SADs and create a stronger awareness of how our actions can be harming innocent animals.

All dogs and cats featured in this post were available for adoption at Save-A-Dog Scheme, at time of publication. See the adoption listing for more information. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer visit

Lots of love + doggie kisses, 
Patrizia + furry friend, Hunter. 

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