Cultivate A Conscious Christmas

Cultivate A Conscious Christmas

Christmas can be a joyous time of year as we all let our hair down and surround ourselves with loved ones and lots of delicious food and festive feelings, on the contrary, Christmas can also be a very stressful time of year as we wrap up loose ends and seemingly spend far too much time waiting in line at the shopping centre, searching for a car park, battling the hoards of panicked last minute shoppers and spending hours contemplating what to purchase for a cousin you rarely see.

This Christmas season, take a different approach. Slow it right down.

We have put our own spin on the Christmas gift challenge. Our Conscious Christmas gift guide means you will be less frazzled when it comes to the big day, with more time for you to experience the special moments whilst enjoying the company of your loved ones.

Over five million tonnes of additional waste during the festive season ends up in landfill,
that is enough to fill 9000 olympic sized pools with excess waste!

Instead of mindlessly grabbing cheap gifts (which will inevitably end up in landfill ) from major shopping centres and chain stores or supporting large businesses that don’t have  Eco-friendly or fair-trade values - use your hard earned dollars to support small, local businesses with big heart.

We have done the hard work for you and put together a handy little guide to support your Conscious Christmas.


Give Something to...

Christmas Gifting

01. Donate

We support Save-A-Dog Scheme with 5% of profits headed straight to our furry little friends. Instead of spending the money on a physical present for a family member or friend, donate that money on their behalf, or volunteer together and use that as an opportunity to talk about the wonderful work your chosen organisation has been doing.

Whether you decide to donate to Save-A-Dog or another organisation, this is a wonderful way to truly create a difference in the life of another being (whether it be an animal or human!)


christmas travel

02. Experience

Gift a friend or family member with concert tickets, a massage, an exhibition that may have just rolled through town, a workshop like ceramics, life drawing, creative writing…

With the likes of We Teach Me and Laneway Learning  you’ll never get stuck for ideas!


music and entertainment

03. Read // Watch // Listen

There is no feeling like the joy of reading, listening to music you love or finally finding the time to sit down and watch an epic movie. This can be such a wonderful experience. Gift a book voucher to your loved one, or perhaps gift them a voucher for an e-book.

A subscription to a podcast, audio book or streaming service for tunes and films is another fantastic way to give a gift that just keeps on giving.


support small local business

04. Support Local 

Made in Melbourne we are god-damn delighted to design a 100% vegan, natural, organic body care range that is designed for you and your loved ones, because you know life is better in your birthday suit! Grab a body scrub and know you are supporting not only local makers and creators but also our four legged furry friends at Save-A-Dog scheme too!

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