New Year.. New Mindset

New Year.. New Mindset

We all begin the year with unwavering motivation, with the best of intentions to see our resolutions through to the end.

Get fit. Eat clean. Sleep more. Stress less. Make more money. Be funnier. Run 10kms...the list goes on and on.
What we sometimes forget is to be kind and patient to ourselves, to practise a non-judgemental attitude toward oneself and use kinder words when we chat with the inner monologue.

We experience a vast range of emotions and feelings, we make our goals rigid, yet broad and the moment we ‘fail’ to achieve these goals we give up, feeling disappointed and frustrated within ourselves.

So in 2019 we say change your mindset, slow down for a moment and take a pause.

Give yourself permission to turn inward and to simply just be. Making mistakes is part of the process, because from failure we experience exponential growth.
Reclaim your energy, and, most importantly, be kind to oneself.

We know we're a little late (30 days in fact) on the New year resolutions front, but we wanted you to reflect on what your original resolutions (if any) a try to adapt our resolutions of a different kind to the mix. 


Mindfulness of the physical self

There you are huffing and puffing at the gym as your mind wanders to thoughts, problems, stories and various self made narratives that sometimes look and sound like “I can’t do this,” “I’m not fit enough” or perhaps, “Oh damn, that (insert random gym goer here) over there can lift/run/looks heavier/faster/better than me”  or my favourites, “I’m not getting anywhere, what’s the point?” “Ugh, when will this be over?!”

We are so focused on the end goal, we forget the journey is where the real power and change resides. The hours we dedicate, the sweat in the process, the small milestones all the little wins that should be celebrated but often overlooked.

Instead of comparing, wondering, obsessing and wanting, you can use this time to focus your energy on your body in a more positive manner. 

Begin by setting a realistic intention or mini-goal. it's the like wins that give us that extra push!

And don't forget you are amazing and better butt naked!


Body Scan

Body scanning is like undertaking a careful exploration of the sensations within your body - It is about bringing full awareness and focus to these areas and gently alleviating any areas of tension and stress.

It is bringing non-judgmental, compassionate present moment awareness to every part of the body, one area at a time. Once you begin to become more deeply aware of your body-mind sensations, you begin to develop insight into the nature of any pain or tension you might be holding. Through consistent body scanning, you have the opportunity to free yourself from unhealthy habitual emotional and cognitive reactions to the sensations you feel.

Whilst exercising, perhaps at work, maybe when you are hanging out with friends, focus gently on your breath. Notice how the lungs expand and contract. Move your awareness to your heart and notice the rhythmic beating. Move your focus to your breath, taking in a few deep belly breaths. No force, no judgement and not expecting things to be any different to how they are.

Actively practise kindness and compassion

Perhaps someone is faster than you, stronger than you, slimmer, bigger, more muscular than you. This will forever be the case. If you’re a competitive person, or someone whom can be self critical, see if you can practise compassion and kindness to oneself and to those around you.

If you notice others lapping you or seemingly achieving goals you may have set for yourself; perhaps that job promotion, perhaps launching their own business, finding a partner, earning more money...

At times it can feel as though everyone else is progressing and you’re lagging behind. However, this is the ebb and flow of life, the process of change and growth.

Comparison is the thief of happiness.

Use this as a moment to notice and celebrate the wins of others.

See someone kicking goals? Congratulate them, even if it is just in your own internal monologue.

Switch up the narrative, where you felt frustration at someone seemingly achieving more than you, be kind towards them, because, just like you,  they too have been on a journey and are striving to be happier. Kindness and compassion is a brilliant way to feel strong, happy and postive.

Express feelings of goodwill, joy and positive affirmations to not only those around you, but to yourself too.  Celebrate the wins, no matter how big or small.

Allow each step to be a step in the right direction.



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