A Guide To Travelling Naked + Luxe

Tis' the season to escape the Australian winter and get globetrotting to chase that sun. Here's our guide to feeling fresh and fierce whilst living out of a backpack.


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1. Passport | Visa

First things first, ensure all of your travel documents are ready to go. A valid VISA (if required), some money in the currency of your destination so you can hit the ground running upon arrival, and don't forget a valid passport. Make sure you have AT LEAST 6 months left on your passport or some countries won't let you leave the airport!

Safety is always important, if you are traveling to places that have limited internet access we recommend giving a copy of your travel documents to a family member or close friend, and signing up to Smart Traveller, so you can be located in case of emergency! 



2. Carpe-that-fucking-Diem

Set your sights on some serious adventuring. Throw caution to the wind and jump out of that plane in Waikiki, hike those epic Altas mountains in Morocco, camp under the milky way and be serenaded by the local Berbers in the middle of the Sahara desert. Sleep in a Balinese tree house in middle of a rice-field with the breeze on your face and a Beehive at your front door (true story), get tipsy and visit those Italian vineyards, soak up the Cuban sun on a catamaran island hopping adventure and take advantage of all the glorious food.


3. Homestays | Hostels

To really experience a rich tapestry of travel, book your bed at a homestay or hostel. You will have the chance to sample traditional cuisine and learn about the culture. Homestays are a brilliant opportunity to experience the country or city like a local. Our top picks for homestays are in Morocco and Cuban, the locals are beautiful and put on an amazing feast!



4. Travel Apps - Veganagogo

Veganagogo has a bunch of professionally translated phrases created specifically for the vegan traveller. Select your language and use the app to communicate your dietary needs to locals and restaurants.



5. Footwear

Unless you’re Kimmy. K with a gaggle of helpers and a private jet, forget the Louboutins.

The top tip when it comes to footwear is comfort, rest assured however, we are not referring to those unfortunate looking ‘calf sculpting’ sneakers.

Lace up your ‘lifestyle’ runners, these can be dressed up or down and are equally as comfortable pounding the pavement during the day.

Be sure to pack some post adventuring salt scrub to help with muscle fatigue!



6. Emergency ‘How to not look like a big cat has attacked you the morning after a raging party ’ Kit

The importance of a toothbrush and toothpaste should never be underestimated. These are the first two items you should stash in your toiletries bag.

Next on the list, for blokes and women alike, be sure to pack moisturiser, lip scrub, lip balm and deodorant. For ultra luxe livin’ and feeling fresh, a body scrub will keep you feeling and looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed all holiday long. Grab a travel pack before you hit the road because Aint nobody got time for dry skin.


7. iPod or other MP3 player

For all the overnight trains, internal flights, long af bus rides, you can put anything from audio books to comedy sketches and music on it, making it your own personal entertainment centre. Combined with a decent pair of noise-cancelling headphones, and you can really immerse yourself in the soundscape. Curate a soundtrack for your travels and when you finally do have to return home you can relive the memories just by pressing play on those songs.



8. A Good Read

Perhaps this is your only moment to really relax and immerse yourself in that book you’ve been wanting to read. It’s not modern and it’s not fancy, but a good book can really reset your mind.

When traveling we say 'wherever you are, be all there', stop being concerned about those snap chat filters or those Instagram selfies, stop living through the lens and immerse yourself in the amazing world of our.

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