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jamella's guide to glowing skin in autumn

jamella's guide to glowing skin in autumn

Name: Jamella

Age: 20

Location: Melbourne

Daily Grind: Small business owner & Pharmacy assistant

Skin Concerns: There are times where my skin just looks dull, I don’t breakout as much but when I do, it’s usually just tiny ones. My skin also feels dry at times especially with the seasonal change & I figured I should change up my skincare on those times too. 

I’m a small business owner & a pharmacy assistant at TerryWhite Chemart. In my spare time, I enjoy drawing & painting, taking & editing photos & going out to the city.

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    prickly pear
    face + hair oil

    What I can say honestly with the face & hair oil is that, I was able to cut down my whole skincare routine—before I would have my cleanser, toner, a bunch of the ordinary serum & moisturiser but now I only use cleanser (sometimes exfoliation) and the face oil!

    It’s only been a few days since I started using it and it’s already doing wonders! My skin feels and looks healthy with just the oil and sunscreen on top.

    I look glowing and it's made my face feel soft and nourished! I've tried other brands before but so far, there’s none like this that have really worked out for me and that I’m very happy with.

    prickly pear hydrating face + hair oil
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    rose body oil 

    I usually have trouble sleeping at night but I’ve been putting this on as a part of my after shower routine and everything has just bee an absolute positive experience!

    I love the smell (it isn’t harmful to my skin at all) and the oil’s texture on my body is amazing! It’s so relaxing and quite frankly, calming for me as well.

    When I go to bed after putting the oil on, I knock out pretty quick haha it’s just so good and I love all these products and what’s they're doing for me! Self care at it’s finest. 

    rose body oil