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lauren's best 3 step skincare routine

lauren's best 3 step skincare routine

Name: Lauren

Age: 21

Location: Townsville

Daily Grind: Student Midwife/Nurse

Living in Townsville and an absolute beach lover. Currently in my last year of Midwifery and Nursing while working as a student midwife and nanny, so fitting in a skincare routine is a squeeze. Absolutely love natural, environmentally friendly skincare that both my partner and I can which both use and are both fun to use and beneficial.

  • step one

    Coffee and Epson scrub is an absolute must post-training for soreness and a body refresh and is STEP 1 in our skincare routine. As my boyfriend is a professional footballer and often it has sore muscles it is a must multiple times a week. This is the first thing we do when we hop in the shower.

    coffee + epsom body scrub
  • step two

    I use a face mask to help clear out my skin when its in need of a detox. It’s pretty simple.
    Mix a few handfuls of powder with warmish water Once it forms a paste you can apply to your face. It’s as simple as that!

    cactus face mask
  • step three

    After exfoliating with the coffee scrub I use the rose body oil post-shower to cleanse. The oil is the final product I apply to my body for moisturising. I also use this product throughout the day if feeling dry.

    rose body oil