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mickayla's skincare routine for oily skin

mickayla's skincare routine for oily skin

Name: Mickayla

Age: 25

Location: Melbourne

Daily Grind: Perioperative Nurse

Being a perioperative nurse it can be hard to find the time and energy to treat myself and keep my skin healthy, hydrated and feeling good. I love how easy Butt Naked products are to use and how easily they fit into my everyday routine!

After a long day in the operating theatre, I'm able to come home, unwind and pamper myself and give my skin the boost it needs. I’m a girl who loves to have a pamper night on my own or with a group of my girlfriends. Being in a job where I’m hidden in scrubs, a hat and mask, I find it’s the small things we can do at home that can make a big difference in our skin and the way our bodies feel. Butt Naked has provided me with products I can easily use, are easily accessible, not too expensive and are made of all vegan, natural and cruelty-free ingredients! A win-win all around x

  • 01.
    Body scrubbin'

    Due to the laminar airflow in theatre, I find my skin drys up very easily so a few days a week I like to use one of my Butt Naked body scrubs in the shower or bath that smell delicious.

    The body scrubs were the first-ever Butt Naked products I had used and ever since trying them, I haven’t converted to another scrub! The Coconut and Lemon Scrub is a very gentle exfoliant, using a handful of it in the shower all over my body. But it then leaves my body feeling oiled up and well moisturised...I love the feeling and smell. A definite must-have! The Himalayan + Lavender Salt Scrub and Bath Soak I find is best used in the bath. It leaves me feeling calm and helps me wind down and relax especially before bed. 

    coconut + lemon body scrub
  • 02.

    I then like to use my body oil (I use it most days) that is super light and moisturising on my skin.

    My favourite product, I have gone through multiple bottles because I love it so much! This is a must-have body oil, especially in winter. After every shower, I love to rub the rose body oil onto my skin, it's a lightweight oil rather than being heavy and clogging compared to other oils I have used. Winter always leaves my skin feeling dull and dry and applying this body oil leaves my skin feeling light and fresh. I like knowing my skin is soaking up natural ingredients my body will love and appreciate. This is the product that can change my day when I put it on as it uplifts and boosts my day knowing I’m giving my skin the treatment it needs..without requiring much effort or time at all! Love x 

    coconut + lemon body scrub
  • 03.
    face maskin'

    I tend to do a face mask once or twice a week, usually when I’ve had a super busy day, so this helps me wind down, de-stress and reset for the next day.

    Usually on a weekend night in or after a long day at work, I love to really focus on giving my skin a good treatment that isn’t harsh but does the job of exfoliating, cleansing my skin and leaving it feeling fresh and toned. I start by:

    1. Washing my face
    2. Add some water to a few scoops of either my Butt Naked Cactus or Pink Clay Face Mask
    3. Add a few drops of Rose Body Oil and mix
    4. Apply mix onto my face and leave until almost dry
    5. Rinse off with lukewarm water

    I tend to then do a quick and easy lip scrub with my Butt Naked Chai Lip Scrub 

    cactus face mask
  • 04.

    My routine ends with some lip pampering. I add some water to my fingers and lips then apply the lip scrub and gently rub and exfoliate for a few minutes, then wash (or lick it) off. My lips always feel quite dry after a day in theatre so I love to gently exfoliate them with my scrub leaving them feeling hydrated and well moisturised. The scrub also tastes yummy and is free from any harmful products so there’s no need to be careful about getting any in your mouth! I’m always left with smooth, plump feeling lips.

    I seal the deal with my Butt Naked lip balms. One of the most convenient products, that I carry around everywhere. Perfect to use at any stage of the day, wherever I am, but I personally love to use them the most after I do a Chai Lip Scrub. They leave your lips smelling amazing, They both smell delicious and I love that they are vegan and made of all-natural products. 



    chai lip scrub