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a-beauty: the benefits of Australian natives in skincare

Aussie Aussie, oi, oi. Let's talk about A-beauty. 

a-beauty: the benefits of Australian natives in skincare

What is A-beauty?

We've all heard about the 'a-beauty trend' being thrown around in skincare, but to BNB, it's not just a trend. Australian native ingredients are proven to have amazing skin nourishing benefits as they are packed with Phyto-compounds, antioxidants and fatty acids to promote healthy skin. The goal of a-beauty is pared-down minimalism. To use fewer products while still getting great results.

Native extracts with superhero skin healing properties can be found in Australian plants, fruits and seeds, including Plums (Kakadu + Davidson), Waratah and Kangaroo Flowers and Lilli Pilli, to name a few. 

Dermatologist Dr Kathleen May Eusebio-Alpapara says, 'What makes native extracts so great is that they all have brightening potential and are packed with antioxidants which can help prevent and protect our skin from sun damage.'

This is why we are super excited to launch our new Aussie skincare Collection. We have been working tirelessly for the last 12 months to concoct six products infused with the best Aussie ingredients nature has to offer, all while keeping things sustainable and clean. 

"We wanted to ensure that we created a clean skincare range that focuses on the magic of down-under whilst keeping with our ethos of sustainability, transparent practices in manufacturing and social impact. Partnering with our native extracts supplier allows us to showcase the best Australia has to offer whilst ensuring we can source from ethical supply chains that support local communities." Patrizia, Founder and Director, BNB.

Our new range features superhero Australian botanical extracts such Kakadu Plum, which contains one of the highest sources of natural vitamin c in the world, Quandong with fatty acids to promote hydration and Waratah flower to help strengthen the skin. 

As BNBs certified cosmetic formulator Merima explains, "Australian native extracts are loaded with skin goodies, and with so many options on your doorstep, it's hard to filter and make a choice. So with help from our native extracts partners, we researched which natives work best for each skin concern. What makes it even tougher is our palm-free clean ethos. Some very tough decisions had to be made for these products to see the light of the day, but we are thrilled with the outcomes."

We carefully formulate each product with input from our native extract partners to ensure all our products are uniquely made with the keenest attention to detail and ingredients that nourish the skin.

For us, products development is a big part of what we do. We are involved in the process from beginning to end. With each process, we learn more, discover more and improve more on the clean ingredients we use and how each combines beautifully for any skin type or blemish. 

So now, let's check out our new range.


Cleanse dust cleanser

Cleanse Dust 

Enyzme Powdered Cleanser

We chose to develop a waterless powdered cleanser because waterless means more potent actives and has environmental and sustainability benefits. Cleanse Dust combines powerful actives to help improve skin tone, remove dead skin cells while magically balancing, brightening and moisturising skin, and Dr Kathleen agrees,

'Cleanse Dust is interesting …. it contains Bromelain from natural pineapple…enzymes that are packed with natural exfoliants, alpha-hydroxy acids. So, pineapple can brighten and combined with Oat Kernel and pepper leaf berry it can help soothe skin and relieve irritation.' Dr. Kathleen May Eusebio-Alpapara.

Why's it so special?
Besides its potent active ingredients, Aussie Native Pepperberry has a long history of medicinal use in Aboriginal culture due to its high amounts of antioxidants, vitamins E & A, and Rutin. All mega-forces that stimulate collagen production and help soothe, brighten and preserve skin. 

Cleanse Dust gets a little help from Australian kaolin to detoxify and Aussie grown banana to hydrate, so your skin isn't stripped of its much needed natural moisture. 



fresh face toner

Fresh Face 

Complexion Toner + Mist

With an uplifting mix of lemon and lime scent, Fresh Face leaves you just that - refreshed. Packed with natural skin ingredients and pure extracts like witch hazel and aloe vera help leave your pores clean and open. In addition, fresh Face works to brighten and reduce redness while also helping to stimulate collagen production. For best results, spray on a cotton pad and then apply.

Why's it so special?
Infused with native Desert Lime and Kakadu Plum. Kakadu Plum has a long history of being sourced by Australian Indigenous people for centuries for its hella healing properties. It's packed with antioxidants, polyphenols, and the world's highest natural source of vitamin C.

"Fresh Face is great because you don't have to worry about it being too drying because it has aloe vera, which can soothe and moisturise your skin. And combined with Kakadu plum and dessert lime, it makes a great source of vitamin C" says Dr Kathleen May Eusebio-Alpapara.


lighten up


Lighten Up

Brightening Serum

A serum to help to brighten up uneven skin tones. Our key actives come from Aussie Natives Desert Lime, Plums Davidson and Kakadu for a completely refreshing experience. 

Why's it so special?
As cosmetic formulator Merima explains, 'Kakadu is very rich in vitamin C and although natural vitamin C is known for being notoriously unstable the cellular extract delivers a natural, stable and bioavailable Vitamin C. Studies have shown that Vitamin C can neutralise free radicals and increase collagen production thus reducing fine lines, lighten and even skin tone, reduce sun damage and hyperpigmentation spots and acne spots and scars. Combined with gallic acid, ellagic acid, Kakadu plum is all about skin brightening, evening, plumping, and replenishing.'

Davidson Plum contains gallic and Ellagic acid properties; studies show gallic acid is a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent that can help prevent UVB-induced premature skin ageing. Ellagic acid, a powerful antioxidant, with studies showing it has skin brightening effects.

Desert Lime extract boosts anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties so the skin can seems less irritated and red.


hydrate hero

Hydrate Hero

Thirsty Skin serum

If hydration is more your thing, Hydrate Hero is your MVP. Hydrate Hero quenches even the most deprived skin with some of the best natural skincare ingredients.

Hydrate Hero contains Aussies extracts Finger lime, Lilli Pilli, Quandong, and Waratah. These nourishing and moisturising ingredients will help nourish, moisturise, smooth, plump, and keep the skin looking young and beautiful.

'I love this because it features Lilli Pill-Riberry and Waratah Flower, which have humectants that suck in moisture from their surroundings to help keep skin smooth and supple.' - Dr. Kathleen May Eusebio-Alpapara

Why it's so special?
Finger Lime is packed with benefits to help improve skin hydration, promote collagen and soothe sensitive & inflamed skin. 

Lilli Pilli has excellent anti-ageing and astringent properties Making it ideal for promoting collagen production, skin elasticity and firmness.

Waratah extract contains high levels of Phyto-compounds, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, it can help calm irritated skin, renew and strengthen the skin's natural barrier while reducing the appearance of fine lines by promoting collagen production.


eye ulluminate


Eye Illuminate

Under-eye Oil

An Oil-based waterless formula gives you more potent actives to help fade dark spots, de-puff your under-eyes and hydrate dry, dull skin in need of some rejuvenation.

Featuring Australian native Kakadu plum seed oil and coffee oil helping to lighten dark spots and even out skin tone. This combination helps to soothe and leave skin perky and de-puffed deeply. "Any good under-eye oil contains caffeine, and combining it with Kakadu plum seed makes it heaven-sent to help lighten and reduce under-eye puffiness. The coffee oil helps puffiness by constricting blood vessels underneath the skin, and the Kakadu plums have potent antioxidants," Dr. Kathleen May Eusebio-Alpapara states.

It also contains carrot, which helps heal wounds, and pomegranates for its magical anti-aging properties.



Root 'n' All

Hair & Scalp Treatment

Root' n' all hairs oil is a nutrient-rich treatment mask that promotes hair growth, adds shine, regulates sebum production and eliminates dandruff. 

As the name implies, this oil goes down to the root of your hair and repairs any damage there.

"This is one of my favourites in the range. Rosella, native sandalwood, kangaroo paw, and Kakadu plum oils contain four dominant fatty acids - palmitic, stearic, oleic, and linoleic. These are common fatty acids in vegetable oils, but what makes them, especially Kakadu plum oil, so special is that it contains over 50% of linoleic acid, which is known to promote hair growth. Studies also suggest it might be effective against testosterone-induced hair loss." - Merima S.

Why it's so special?
Roots'n'all is packed with four Aussie native oils that deliver hair glow and shine without leaving hair greasy.

Australian Sandalwood Seed Oil is high in Ximenynic acid. This natural fatty acid is shown to help reduce hair loss and promote hair growth and vitality by boosting dermal microcirculation on the scalp.

Kangaroo flower contains Linoleic acid to help lock in moisture to those dry hair strands. Penetrates deep into the scalp, nourishes, and restores hair.

Rosella flower conditions dryness and breakages, while Kakadu plum seed oil boosts moisture and gloss in, especially dry or lusterless hair.



We are proud to say these babies belong to us, and we are sure you would be proud to have them as part of your skincare family. And the Aussie-dream doesn't stop there. Our Founder Patrizia collaborated with Melbourne-based Illustrator Melinda Bouwmans to create the illustrations featured on the product packaging.

Our new Aussie Collection is 100% palm free, certified by The Orangutan Alliance and certified Cruelty-Free by Choose Cruelty-Free Limited.


Meet Our Experts

Merima, S. Merima, S is part if the BNB team and is a certified cosmetic formulator, aromatherapist, phyto-therapist specialising in cosmetic chemistry and pharmacy.

Kathleen May Eusebio-Alpapara is a board certified dermatologist who practices both medical and cosmetic dermatology at VE Eusebio Skin Center.