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launching our newly created charity pot

With all profits going to no-kill animal shelter, Save-A-Dog-Scheme! 

launching our newly created charity pot

As a brand, we're always on the lookout for ways in which we can help the wider community around us. Whether we're adopting a koala after the devastating bushfires in 2019/2020 or helping to supply women in rural communities with the basic toiletries and self-care products that they don't have access to themselves through The Happy Boxes Project, being a brand that gives back is always at the forefront of our minds and actions. 

You only need to look at the fact that we donate 5% of all profits to Melbourne run animal shelter, Save-A-Dog-Scheme, to know that that's the case, but we always feel as though we could be doing more. 

This is where our newly launched Charity Pot comes into play! 

" Creating a charity product is something we had always envisaged doing at some stage when we launched Butt Naked, and SADS is the perfect example of compassion for all living things, so we want to support them in any way we can. This product represents our gratitude to the dedication and hard work all of the volunteers and staff do to help out our furry friends in a way that I can't ".

- Patrizia, Director and Founder of Butt Naked.    

With 100% of the profits (excluding gst) from this charity pot being donated to SADS, we're ensuring the continued care these volunteers provide to sick and homeless animals and are helping to change the narrative around killing animals simply because no one wants them. 

what is Save-A-Dog-Scheme?

Save-A-Dog-Scheme is a no-kill, local, Melbourne run shelter that houses homeless, sick or injured animals with the sole purpose of giving them a second shot at a good and carefree life. 

Opening up in 1985, SADS has managed to save thousands of cats and dogs with a philosophy and promise to change the culture around killing animals just because they've been abandoned, and turn it into a culture of saving them, and with that, loving them just a little bit more. 

However, providing veterinary care for those animals who are sick or injured and making sure they have enough room for every single animal that needs a temporary, loving home, doesn't come cheap.  

why them? 

Apart from the obvious (who wants to see animals lose their lives just because they haven't had the opportunity to meet their new, forever family yet), it's definitely no secret that animals, and more specifically her dog Hunter, are the reason that our founder and director, Patrizia, gets up every morning.

This means that if there's extra opportunity to help out SADS, Butt Naked is gonna take it. 

Save-A-Dog-Scheme is currently fundraising to help reach their dream of updating and renovating their shelter so that they can house more animals, and in turn, save more furry lives. 

Sitting on 33 acres of environmentally protected land, the SADS shelter is coming into disrepair and needs to be urgently redeveloped to better meet the guidelines and code of practice for animal shelters. 

Sounds like more than a good enough reason to us! 

the charity pot 

Inside the charity pot, you'll find a mint hand & foot scrub that will rid your skin of its flakiness and leave it feelin' super smooth and duper soft. 

Made with natural ingredients such as sweet almond oil; a powerful antioxidant that aids in nourishing and hydrating dry skin, coconut shell; an exfoliant that helps to rid your skin of its dead cells, sugar cane; packed with glycolic acid that will condition and moisturise your skin, and peppermint oil; a natural cleanser with antibacterial properties to soothe irritation and reach all the dry, cracked areas of your skin, this scrub is a real hand & foot lifesaver.

With a fruity, minty scent that gives you all the tropical vibes (something we desperately need in the lead up to Winter), this scrub will help restore your skin, helping to soften callouses and invigorate cell rejuvenation. 

To adopt or support Save-A-Dog Scheme, visit their website here.