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save-a-dog scheme

Our founder Patrizia is ridiculously obsessed with dogs so partnering with Save-a-dog Schemer was a no brainer. SADS is no-kill animal welfare organisation and shelter based in Melbourne. Together we can help save homeless, sick and injured animals and give them a second chance at life..

why save-a-dog scheme

for our fur babies

Save-A-Dog Scheme has a no-kill policy, believing that the dichotomy of a dog being ‘Mans Best Friend’ and an unwanted article for destruction is totally unacceptable. Save-A-Dog Scheme is a ‘coal-face’ organisation, which saves hundreds of dogs and cats each year and which seeks, by example, to provide a better way of treating non-human animals.

Whether a footprint or paw print, let’s walk forward together.
Donate, volunteer, foster or adopt at

Read about our visit to save-a-dog scheme here.

save-a-dog scheme save-a-dog scheme
save-a-dog scheme
save-a-dog scheme

about s.a.ds

A Melbourne not-for-profit animal shelter, saving hundreds of dogs and cats from being killed every year. With a no-kill philosophy, all animals that enter S.A.D.S are given a second chance at life. They provide veterinary care to sick and injured animals allowing them to live out their natural lifespan. Donations to Save-A-Dog Scheme help with general and veterinary care of all animals. These animals are nursed back to health rather than being destroyed as they may be elsewhere.

how we help

We donate 5% of our profits to help our furry friends, the creative team at Butt Naked also volunteer their time to design and marketing support when required.

where donations go

Save-A-Dog Scheme relies on donations for its continuing existence. Donations to Save-A-Dog Scheme help with the general care of the animals and the maintenance of the organisation. One of the highest expenses is for veterinary treatment for the dogs and cats, which includes the care of sick and injured animals. These animals are nursed back to health rather than being destroyed as they may be elsewhere, giving them the best chance for a happy and healthy new life in loving homes.

current projects

Save-A-Dog's goal is to raise $500,000 as their first steps to further develop their own facility, it is desperately in need of an upgrade to save more lives. The Yarrambat shelter is set on 33 acres of environmentally protected land with an existing permit for the holding of 190 dogs and 50 cats. It is fully owned by SADS and has enabled many more animals to be saved, cared for and rehabilitated while awaiting permanent adoption. However, the infrastructure is old and very much in need of redevelopment to provide better care for the animals and to comply with the code of practice for animal shelters. This property will provide additional resources to rescue more dogs and cats every year.

save the koala

​​With the recent bushfires devastating our entire country and harming our beloved native animals, we’ve taken upon ourselves to helping any way we can.

about jimmy jams

Trouble is Jimmys middle name. Jimmie is an energetic and cheeky young man who is constantly bugging his mumma Ella for a ride on her back. He loves his eucalyptus leaves as much as he loves swinging off the scales on weigh day, even when he has already had his turn. Jimmie loves cuddles and meeting new people so he can show off his good looks. Jimmy live at the Ballarat Wildlife Park and is 2.5 years old, and we love him!​

Adopt a koala at

save the koala

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