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5 things we're abso-lute-ly lovin' this Summer

you, me and a whole lot of Summer suggestions

5 things we're abso-lute-ly lovin' this Summer

Hey guys, it's me, back again (jks I'm always here, writing) to give you my top picks for must-try sh*t this Summer.* 

This includes but is not limited to fun things to do outside, the best books to read to waste the hours inside if it's too hot (coz let's be real, no one's going out in 40ºC heat), the funnest activities/exhibitions/games to participate in, and the places you just have to drink at if you want the ultimate Summer experience (and a 'livin' your best goddamn life' insta pic). 

Now, I have to be honest. As I'm writing this, it's approximately 15 degrees outside and pouring with rain (gotta love the weather, am I right?), however, as every true Melbournian knows, this crappiness will clear up probably in roughly the same amount of time it takes me to blink (fingers crossed) and Summer will get on with it's damn business. 

So, here's to hoping that Summer stays with us for as long she can. Personally, I'm hoping she sticks around till at least mid-April. Optimistic I know but a girl can dream. I'm just not ready to go back to the boots, scarves and coats but I digress. Let's get on with it. 

1. catch a flick at the moonlight cinema 

Would it even be a list of things you must-try in Summer if I didn't sneak in a cute, movie date under the stars? No. The answer is No. You wanna know why? Because catching a flick in the Royal Botanical Gardens while the bats are flying overhead, the stars are twinkling and the moon is shining is possibly one of life's simplest pleasures. 

Not only do you feel like watching a movie is exactly where you're meant to be but there's a certain magic that comes with sitting on bean bags (or a picnic rug if you didn't opt for the 'Gold Grass' option), snacking on a cheese board and popcorn whilst in the company of some of your best buds. 

The best part? This is not a strictly Melbourne thing to do! If we've got readers from other states, first, how are you (?), and secondly there's a Moonlight Cinema In Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney. 

For a pretty cheap $20, you can watch nobody putting baby in the corner, John Travolta singing 'Grease Lightening' or Rose hogging all the room on the door at Jack's expense. Oh and you can also eschew the food you bought with you for a pretty extensive selection of snacks from the food trucks situated right behind you. 

I'm thinking Valentine's Day date ideas boyfriends in the back? 

moonlight cinema Melbourne


2. flip a few pages of a good book 

If you ask me, there's nothing better then settling down with a mug of hot chocolate, coffee or a glass of wine (what a vibe), and getting stuck in between characters, plot lines and story twists. 

Yes my literature loving friends, reading a good book not only ignites your imagination in the best way possible, but can also do a lot to help calm you if you're feeling stressed or anxious from the daily grind. 

As an avid reader (comes with the territory of being in love with words), I have read quite a few really really good books in my time.  

If you want my suggestion, you can't get wrong with 'Where The Crawdad's Sing' by Delia Owens. Beautifully written as it is mysterious and painful, this book tells the story of the 'marsh girl', a sensitive and intelligent girl who has survived alone for years in the marsh that she calls home, finding friends in the birds and lessons in the nature around her. 

I know, sounds good right? I bet you're already hooked. 

If that doesn't tickle your fancy then I can almost guarantee that 'The Bluffs' will. Written by Kyle Perry, this book is both tense and unsettling but will promise to have you captivated from the very first page. At least I was. 

Following the story of a group of teenage girls that go missing in the remote wilderness of Tasmania's Great Western Tiers, this book has more twists and turns than you'll know what to do with, in the best possible way. 

Honestly, google them both.  


3. sip on a cocktail at a gin distillery 

I don't think you can get any more 'Summer' (or on-trend) then making your way to the bustling suburb of Richmond to enjoy a gin tasting paddle or two (or 3) on a Saturday afternoon.

Now, you might not have heard of Brogan's Way before but it's certainly heard of you, in fact, it might be calling your name right this very second. Can you hear it? Well I can, and it's promising to give you 'gin for the mood you're in'. 

With a philosophy to make great memories, this distillery delights in offering up spirited sensations with their 'Everyday Salvation Gin' (based on the classic juniper and citrus combo with an Australian twist), and their 'Evening Light' (a bit more fruity and floral). 

I don't know about you but anything that calls for drinking at 3pm in the afternoon is a yes from me. 

Psst, this is where you can get the aforementioned insta pic. You're welcome.

Brogan's Way, gin distillery Melbourne  


4. walk among the art at the NGV Triennial 

Okay, okay, even if art's totally not your thing, trust me when I say you're going to absolutely froth this exhibition. And that's a promise. 

Designed to 'hold a mirror up to our world', this collection features 86 thought-provoking, existential crisis inducing, mind-boggling works from than 100 different artists. 

With the likes of pieces done by Jeff Koons, Kengo Jumo ad Hannah Bronte, this exhibition is both artistically beautiful and visually appealing and is home to various larger-than-life works scattered throughout the gallery. 

Why not go have a wonder through Refik Anadol's ten-metre 'Quantum Memories'? It's only a huge multimedia piece that displays artificial intelligence to build an alternate vision of the world around us. Trippy right? 

While each piece of art throughout the gallery is unique in its own way, there are common themes that run as an undercurrent; that of isolation, representation and speculation. 

Well worth a trip into the city. 

the national gallery of Victoria, triennial


5. get invested in Bridgerton on Netflix 

If you haven't heard of this period drama that's sweeping the nation right now then where have you been?!

You've got wealth, lust, betrayal and love all rolled into one, 8 episode season, need I say more? No, but I'm going to anyway. 

Set against the backdrop of Regency-era England, the Bridgerton family is both powerful and in the society's eye making this tv show a modern day Gossip Girl and a must-watch if you have this weekend free. Trust me when I say that once you start watching, you're not gonna want to stop.  

Created by Chris Van Dusen and produced by Shona Rhimes (so you know it's gonna be good, like 'glued-to-the-screen' good), this tv show has been watched by 82 million households and that's more than the amount of followers Addison Rae has on TikTok. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

Perfect for when you can't stomach the heat anymore, or when your sunburn is too extreme to even think about going outside or when you're suffering from heat stroke because you accidentally fell asleep at the beach (why is that a thing that even happens?!?), this tv show provides endless drama and scandal.

Two things that are essential if you're gonna spend the days after you've finished watching it, scrolling through buzzfeed to read up on all of the behind-the-scenes details and fantasising about your very own Duke of Hastings. 

*It's Kate by the way, your fave content writer.