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in flight skincare tips

Inflight skincare tips to keep your skin glow post long haul flight.

in flight skincare tips

There's perhaps nothing better in this world than getting on a plane and heading globetrotting the world. We can hear the island's calling us. Which islands you may ask? All of them. Every. Single. Island. 

But is the trip, and your upcoming flight, really worth disrupting your skincare routine over? The dryness that comes with being 32,000 feet in the air, the rough sandpapery texture your skin gets, the lovely pimples who think they have a right to show up mid-flight as if you booked a seat for them, as well and the sleep deprivation that'll have your skin looking super tired, making you look more like a zombie than a Kardashian. To be honest, all of this is enough to start unpacking your suitcase.

We know keeping up with your skincare while travelling can be a b*tch, however, we're here to tell you that looking after your skin while flying shouldn't be something to worry about unlike wondering if the plane's gonna crash or if you've packed enough M&M's. In other words, we'd never leave you high 'n' dry & in the sky (love that rhyme for us). In other other words, read below for our skinfood tips & tricks that'll make sure you can take care of your skin before and after take-off. 


Preppin' Your Skin For Take-Off 

Alright, ladies and gentlemen, it's time to start your very own skincare travel kit! Just as important as organising your insurance or making sure you've booked your accommodation, your skincare travel kit will make sure you and your skin looks and feels alive regardless if you've just come off a long-ass flight with 2 stopovers, or a cute little flight that took about as long as your average shower. 

One of the best travel skin care tips we've come across is to prep your skin properly the morning of your flight. Just like you wouldn't start running a marathon without stretching, you wouldn't get on a flight without making sure your skin is super happy and settled and not gonna get red and angry like the baby in the seat in front of you. 

The best way to do this is to make sure you moisturise your face. Creating a protective barrier that'll ensure no plane nasties make a home inside your pores (we apologise for the mental image), moisturising will also keep your skin feeling as hydrated as possible, and due to the recycled air and high humidity on planes, this step is a MUST. Make sure your moisturiser is long-lasting, super hydrating and chock 'a' block of SPF. Leave getting sunburnt till you've actually reached your destination. Yes you read that right, the higher you fly, the closer you get to the ozone layer and the sun's harmful UV rays so slip, slop, slap beauty crew. 

Side note: We'll probably spend the rest of the day trying to figure out how we managed to get planes to fly in the sky but still don't have windows that block out the sun's rays in them. Weird... 


Mid-Flight Favourites 

1. Drink as much water as you can get your hands on! Seriously, zap the plane of its water supply. While this tip might have you asking the stranger next to you to move for the millionth time so you can run to the bathroom, trust us when we say hydration is your skin's new best gal pal. 

2. Taking one of our lip balms with you wherever you go is never not a good idea but remembering to take it on the plane with you is probably your best lightbulb moment to date. Use the lip balm as often as you like to make sure your lips stay super plump-y and super fresh. 

3. 100 hundred people crammed into a small space is a breeding ground for all the bad stuff that you most definitely don't want on your skin. Bring a hand sanitiser on your carry-on and use it when you're feeling extra icky. This will also help prevent you from touching your face and spreading those nasty germs around.

If you feel like you need a mid-flight refresh, try using some face mist or spray that'll help to add a touch more hydration to your face and ensure it doesn't get all cracked and dry. Leave for the middle eastern desert you're probably flying over. 


    Please Prepare Your Skin For Landing

    If you're a sucker for glowing, fresh and happy skin (which should be everyone), then the best thing you can do it for it when your flight's coming into land is to remind it what hydration feels like. If you're anything like us, you probably popped on a movie, got halfway through it before falling asleep and being subsequently woken up by the flight attendant asking you if you want chicken or beef, even though you pre-booked a vegan meal. Only once you've 'finished' eating (does anyone actually eat all of their meal?!), you'll remember that you were supposed to keep up your inflight skincare routine. 

    Not to worry, there's still time to turn your skin right back around, from mildly angry that it was forgotten about, to extremely happy now that you're taking care of it. The best way to re-introduce some life back into your skin is to do a quick face-mask. Perfect for restoring hydration quickly, face-masks will help brighten tired-looking skin whilst rejuvenating the rest of your face. 

    Once you're safely in your hotel room and away from the harsh, fluorescence of the airport lighting, we recommend doing a thorough scrub of your skin using one of our body scrubs to help get rid of all the dead skin cells that didn't make it through the flight (rip). 

    Now that you've followed every step religiously, you can now enjoy your getaway without uninvited ugly and irritated skin. Seriously, stop reading this and go take a to-die-for photo that you're gonna post on insta later.