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how to take care of your skin in iso

So you've got iso skin, here's what you can do about it...

how to take care of your skin in iso

During quarantine, we at butt naked have noticed our skin become a bit angrier than usual. Perhaps it’s that nonexistent sun exposure or stress, or boredom eating, either way, our skin is not happy.

You wouldn't be the only one thinking that not wearing makeup every day and not having to be exposed to all the nasties floating around in the outside air would give you clean, healthy and glowin' skin. If your skin is looking like it needs a little lovin' and sporting some pesky pimples and breakouts, you've got a case of iso skin. 

Let us explain. Your skin is most likely throwing a tantrum because it's receiving a lack of Vitamin D as well as increased exposure to artificial and dry air. This means a number of things,
a) Vitamin D deficiency can cause your skin to accelerate the ageing process,
b) not getting enough sun lowers your immunity, 
c) lack of Vitamin D can increase in flare-ups of skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.  

Oh, and the artificial air coming from your heaters or air conditioners are causing your skin to lose its moisture and in turn, drying it out. 

But before you freak the f**k out, we know how to fix it, so sit back and relaxxx. 


stop overdoing it 

You heard us. You already put oil on your face this morning. Put it down. 

We know you might be tempted to up-the-game on your usual skincare routine, after all, we don't blame you, there's only so many times you can stare at a puzzle or clean out the bathroom draw. 

Basically, stop doing extra for your skin. We're talking about applying a handful of different serums and a face mask every day. Your skin really doesn't need it and it's more than likely causing the exact thing you're trying to avoid. Just stick to your standard daily routine, with perhaps a face mask every week or so if you're feelin' a little frisky (it's the little things these days). 


look after your diet (and start exercising) 

Many of us have approached this isolation period as a time to let go of the things we can't control, to relax a little bit, to take a breath and appreciate the very many things we have to be thankful for. While all that is something we definitely approve of, it's also easy to fall into the 'life's too short, eat that piece of cake' trap. Or the 'you've still got at least 4 good hours of sunlight left, you can go for a walk after you finish your seventh consecutive Grey's Anatomy episode' dilemma. 

Being in isolation may make you eat more takeaway then you usually do and might make you feel less motivated to move but trust us when we say your skin definitely knows when you're not looking after yourself and it will rebel against you.

Try to go for a walk every day or even do some yoga and reacquaint yourself with cooking. This will not only help your skin tremendously but also help to clear your mind if it's been stuck in an overthinking iso spiral. 


leave your face alone 

Okay this might be a tough one. We understand the itch to squeeze when you see a face volcano making its way to the surface of your skin (thanks Dr. Pimple Popper) but you should resist, especially if your breakouts are due to skin inflammation. 

Breakouts will take longer to heal because that same inflammation can leave you with bigger spots, and scarring that's hard to move. 

Our recommendation? One of our clay face masks. 

Not only will they help to purify and calm the skin, but they'll also help to reduce the inflammation and speed up the healing process with their abundance of good hydrating ingredients that your skin is probably really thirsty for. Luckily for you, you have three to choose from. 

Hemp Clay Face Mask. Astonishingly silky-light yet amazingly potent, our fabulous, breakout banishing Hemp Clay Mask is the real MVP, providing a full-throttle reset for sensitive skin (which is exactly what you need). 

Rose Pink Clay Face Mask. Blended with chamomile & lavender for all you super sensitive skin sisters, working to calm and soothe you and your face. 

Cactus Clay Face Mask. A powdered clay mask fully loaded with magical vitamins, A, C & K to help restore that youthful glow, making it the magical unicorn your skin has been quietly praying for.


Now heed our advice and take that skin of yours from a 4 with good lighting to an indisputable 10.