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if you want to calm your skin, you need some HEMP

What we wouldn't do for calm and quiet skin during iso....oh wait, we totally know how to fix it, all it takes is a little hemp! 

if you want to calm your skin, you need some HEMP

Superhero status goes to...
Hemp Seed.

Ahhh, gone were the days where we thought staying inside for a lengthy period of time without having to wear makeup or interact with people would leave us with blemish-free, healthy and glowin' looking skin.

Instead, we've now resigned ourselves to the fact that the pimple predators have come out in full force, happy to wreak havoc, wielding their weapons of irritation and redness wherever they please no matter how much we try to calm them and quieten them down. 

Just when you thought all hope was lost, we're here to tell you it isn't so you can spend less time worrying and more time naked. Introducing our very own cape-wearing, skin-saving ingredient, Hemp! 

So What Is It?

Let's get into all the nudie rudie details here. Yes, hemp is another word for the cannabis sativa plant and no it's not illegal and no it won't get you high. Any questions?

Okay okay, we'll explain. Hemp is a plant that has served a variety of purposes for thousands and thousands of years, from being used as fibre and a source of protein to being made into oils or powders.

In short, hemp can be found in a whole heap of stuff including paper, clothing, food, building materials or most importantly for the feature of this blog, in beauty products such as face masks and body oils. 


What Does It Do? 

We've got two words for you: deep hydration.  Hemp seed oil acts as a major hydrator as it's high in omega acids 3, 6 and 9, all of which help to hydrate your skin when it's all thirsty and begging for you to nourish it. 

Along with giving your skin the nutrients it deserves, hemp oil also pulls in moisture, acting as a protective barrier so your skin won't lose its natural oils and become sad & dry again. 

After all, the fun police called and they want their boring back. 


Why You'll Love It 

Who doesn't love soft & supple skin? That's right, no one. Not only will hemp seed oil make your skin look less like you've just spent 7 hours straight in front of the tv (in other words, as dull and boring as the documentary you just fell asleep to), but it will also make your acne less aggravated and your skin less itchy and irritated. 

Here to tell your skin to sit the f**k down and behave, hemp has also been known to march alongside you in your fight against inflammation, acting to help flared & irritated skin settle. Soothing the skin 'till it's smooth and clean, hemp is your go-to skincare wingman, protecting your skin at every turn against unwanted attention and making sure everyone (and by everyone we mean your housemates or furry doggo) sees how brilliantly you can shine. 


Now Who Wants Some Hemp?

Hemp + Sugar Body Scrub 
Packed with amino acids and anti-bacterial the Rosemary oil found in this scrub will help boost collagen production, aiding in maintaining your skin’s elasticity.

Hypoallergenic Almond oil will also keep it real with you, gettin’ all up in your nooks ‘n’ crannies, workin’ itself deep into your skin while softening and removing dirt and debris that’s been picked up in your pores from the daily grind.

Never daring to dream of clogging your pores, Olive Oil will protect your skin from premature aging, whilst simultaneously promoting baby butt smoothness and fighting all the crap toxins your skin’s begging you to get rid of. 

Hemp Clay Face Mask 
Loaded with a souped-up mix of Omega 3s from Hemp, Green Tea and Aloe Vera, this green machine is a wrinkle-smoothing, redness-soothing, anti-inflammatory wizard – it will leave your skin smoother, your pores tighter, your complexion dewier and your blemish-free face plumping for joy.

Hemp gets down to the nitty-gritty of your pores (without clogging them) by helping moisturise, hydrate and regulate your skin’s oil production, accentuating its fresh ‘n’ glowy goodness. Its anti-inflammatory properties along with Aloe Vera help to heal dry irritated skin.  

Hemp Face Oil
This oil is a breakout warrior, fighting off those uninvited pimples that appear in the most inconvenient of times. It's kickass balancing skills helps even out dry or oily skin to fade, ditching those breakouts and dark spots.

When mingled with a supercharged line up of plant oil, our Hemp hero keeps your skin smiling with the good stuff like fatty acids, antioxidants and anti-aging properties. Super dope for anti-inflammatory makes this facial oil the bomb to soothe and reduce skin from redness, swelling and itchiness caused by pesky skin conditions like atopic dermatitis, eczema or rosacea.