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spotlight on: body glow illuminating oil

it's time to glow up & show up

spotlight on: body glow illuminating oil

It's no secret that when Summer rolls around, we're all lookin' for the same thing. No, it's not the best rooftop bar to have drinks at every Saturday afternoon or trying to figure out ways to stay cool in 40ºC weather. 

Yep, you guessed it (or even if you didn't), we all want our skin to shine and sparkle just as much as Edward Cullen's when he steps into the sun (and perhaps just a tad more than that). 

That where our body glow illuminating oil!  steps in...

And, isn't she a beauty? 

Our mission as a brand is to create a sustainable and socially conscious brand in with more thoughtfulness, transparency and accountability when it comes to all aspects, especially our ingredients.

So that's why our sparkle sister oil completely palm-free (certified by Orangutan Alliance in fact!) and silica free making our Body Glow illuminating oil your guilt free summer pleasure.

We welcomed brassica alcohol to the body glow fam to replace ceatyl alcohol when is generally derived from palm. (no thanks)

what is brassica alcohol? 

Brassica alcohol is a natural thickening agent and viscosity adjuster which makes it an ideal alternative to using pam oil derived emulsifiers typically used in skincare and beauty products. 

We know that sounds like a lot of mumbo jumbo but basically this ingredient helps to stabilise the product, also ensuring it won't go bad and gross. This is ingredient is hella versatile and can be used in different emulsions and anhydrous systems (a product that contains no water). 

what's it made from? 

We're glad you asked. Brassica alcohol is 100% naturally derived from the brassica (cabbage family) plant, making it 100% vegan and 100% palm oil free (always a must). 


We have also switched silica with tapioca, to keep it extra clean and green.

so what is tapioca? 

Tapioca is a starch extracted from cassava root that's typically included in food dishes due to it being a carbohydrate, but it also works really well in skincare products. 

Working as a natural thickener and texture enhancer, this ingredient consists primarily of amylose and amylopectin (components of starch), and is used in much the same way as brassica alcohol; to help stabilise emulsions and a create gel-like texture. 

Tapioca can also encourage other key ingredients to absorb into your skin, helping to get rid of any toxins and leaving your skin looking cleaner and clearer than it ever has before. 

Okay now that we've gotten all the technical (boring) stuff out of the way, let's get back to the reasons why this product is a must-have for the Summer season. 

Not only will this skin saviour leave your skin feeling smooth and soft it'll also prevent it from feeling super greasy or clogging your pores! Now that's what we call a win/win situation. 

Fragranced with an irresistible island-vacay-worthy-lemon-coconut aroma that'll transport you straight off the couch and onto a tropical beach somewhere, cocktail in hand and with food on the way, this oil will deeply nourish and hydrate dry and cracked skin and leave it with a shimmer that's bound to get you noticed for all the right reasons. Wink, wink.

Now slather on some illuminating  body oil, grab your sunhat and your new, cute sandals and be on your way! We promise not to take credit for your social life.