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your new summer to autumn skincare routine

it's time to stop begging summer to stay
your new summer to autumn skincare routine

Well it's that time of the year again folks where Summer tips its cork hat to us and says 'till December boys and girls' and quietly slinks back into hibernation. 

Yes, Summer has left us. Let's all take a moment.

Now that we've given Summer the respectful send-off it deserves, it's time to focus on its annoying, always confused little brother Autumn. 

As the seasons change, our skin and how it reacts can change too, and while our skin has well and truly acclimated to the heat, humidity and sun of Summer, it's now time to get it properly prepared for the up-and-down weather of Autumn.

We don't have to tell you that weather changes, stress, dehydration and other environmental factors can cause your skin to completely shut down and refuse to cooperate with anything you do that might try to help it. This means adjusting your skincare routine to fit what's happening outside your front door so it doesn't continue to act like a toddler who's just been told it can't eat cat food for dinner.   

We know this seems like a hard task because, if Autumn itself is confused on what kind of conditions it wants to throw at us, how can we possibly know how to prep our skin for it? Well, that's a good question and we're gonna do our very best to answer it for you, givin' your skin the best chance at lookin' glowy, bright and fresh as all hell. 


1. don't you dare forget to slip, slop, slap 

While Summer may have taken the sun and left us to wallow in our cold, miserable despair, it doesn't mean it's taken the UV rays with it.

That's right, just because it's not obviously warm and sunny doesn't mean you can't get sunburnt or cause your skin some serious damage. In fact, these UV rays are just as harmful as they are in the Summer (yikes), and they'll find you (even if you're trying so hard to hide from them). 

To better protect yourself from them, put on sunscreen before you leave the house, as you're leaving the house, when you've left the house, and at other numerous points throughout the day. If you have makeup on, add sunscreen as part of your base (use just after you moisturise in the morning) or wear foundation that has added SPF in it. 

Point is, you can never have too much sunscreen on and it's always better to be safe than sorry because no one wants to be dealing with hyper-pigmentation, age spots or peeling skin (especially in Autumn). 


2. switch it up 

You'd be a fool for going out in a singlet and thongs when the weather starts getting colder, so why stick with the same skincare routine? The answer is you don't.

Switch up the products you use from lightweight, barely-there skincare (we're only three months into the year and we think we've already hit our rhyming quota, oops) to more rich, hydrating products that will stop your skin from drying out the second your moisturiser has been absorbed. 

As the temperature drops (along with our energy levels), try using products that specialise in nourishing your skin and moisturising it, leaving it looking smooth, supple and super bouncy. Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean your skin can't look like it's holiday'ing it up somewhere warm and sunny (lucky little thing). 

Opt for products that actively retain moisture to help combat your skin's natural dry, tight and itchy state. 


3. add in a face serum 

That is, if you don't use one already! 

With colder weather comes the very real possibility (and probability) that your skin will dry the hell out. One way to stop dryness right in its flakey tracks? Yep, you guessed it, a face serum. 

The answer to your skin's prayers, a face serum supplies heaps of moisture without leaving your skin feeling too heavy or clogged. To make sure your serum is packed with all of the good stuff, why not try out our prickly pear hydrating face + hair oil?  

The best face oil if you're lookin' for that natural, healthy glow, this hydration hero provides major skin rejuvenation, helping to fade dark spots, under-eye circles and any irritation. 

Packed with active ingredients such as various antioxidants and nutrients, this face oil (or another one of your choosing) will replenish your skin and plump it up to its looking and feeling it's best. 


4. rev up your skin renewal 

When it's cold outside, your skin tends to do exactly what your mind tells your body to do and that is, sit in front of the tv with a blanket, a hot beverage of your choice and take it easy. In other words, your skin slows all the way day and it lacks motivation to do what it normally should. 

This means that your skin isn't shedding dead skin cells and other gunk as quickly as it would be in Summer, resulting in your skin looking a little duller, drier and downright sad. 

Your skin might even develop a rough looking appearance and that definitely doesn't go with the cute scarf/beanie combo you just bought. 

The best way to speed the process back up is to gently exfoliate your skin, with a scrub or exfoliator that isn't too abrasive and won't cause damage to your skin. If you don't exfoliate, dry and flakey skin can accumulate on your face which can lead to clogged pores and acne and no one wants that.