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the right scrub for your skin type

Let's face it, we've all been guilty of neglecting our skin from time to time but that sh*t stops now. Treat your skin exactly how you'd treat a best friend or SO, with a little bit of tlc.....and maybe like shout them dinner sometime? 

the right scrub for your skin type

We've compiled a list of the best body scrubs for glowing skin and for each skin type so sit down and take notes. 

For All The Flakers (Dry, Flakey Skin)

Does your skin hate it when it's hot? Does it hate it when it's cold? Those Melbourne days where it's hot one minute and cold not even sixty seconds later? If the slightest change in weather has your skin looking and feeling as if it wants to flake right off your face (sorry about the visual that's gonna be stuck with you forever), then you need to be exfoliating regularly. 

If you don't, chances are that dead skin cells will build up on your face, creating a layer of grossness that acts as a barrier, preventing your moisturisers from doing their thang and hydrating your face. Your skin doesn't need harsh scrubs to get it glowin' so we'd recommend some light-medium level scrubs. 

Suitable scrubs for your skin type: 

1. Coconut + Lemon Sugar Body Scrub
2. Sugar + Fruit Bellini Body Scrub

Packed with all the necessary goodies to combat acne, stop premature ageing and unclog your pores, these superheroes pack a punch and will most definitely become the best part of your daily routine. Or maybe your second best after the glass of wine you had with dinner. 


For The Ones Who Need A Break (Dull, Tired-Looking Skin)

Get up. Have a shower. Make breakfast. Leave for Work. Get home from work. Go to the gym. Have dinner. Sleep. Repeat. If this sounds all too familiar then your skin might be looking as dull or as boring as your working week is! Get to work exfoliation' (it's bound to be more beneficial than the report you spent 2 hours writing today) and have your skin looking fresher and more glowin' then you thought possible. 

Stop waking up feeling as tired as you were when you went to sleep. If you're feeling lifeless and uninspired then trust us when we say that your skin's looking that way too. However don't completely freak out, the cure is in exfoliating regularly. Don't be afraid to use a scrub that's a bit rougher. It'll bring your skin back to life by removing dead skin cells, cleaning your pores and help to stimulate circulation. 

Suitable scrubs for your skin type: 

1. Himalayan + Lavender Body Scrub
2. Coffee + Epsom Body Scrub

Not only will they give you poppin' skin that's been rejuvenated and cleansed but these mini holiday's also work to reduce stress and bring a sense of calm to your life. Perfect for when you need a little pick-me-up, which should be like, ever-ry-day, these scrubs will soon be your go-to girls if you want fresh and healthy-looking skin. 


For The Faint Of Skin (Sensitive Skin) 

If your skin looks angry on the regular and behaves like a teenager going through puberty then it sounds like you've got some sensitive skin on your hands. Don't worry though, you can still exfoliate, albeit gently, in order to get skin that's poppin'. 

By exfoliating once or twice a week, your skin shouldn't be as irritated or as red as you're used to. Don't use a harsh scrub on your skin or cleansing products that feel too rough as your skin won't like it and will probably punish you for it. Try using light exfoliators in order to get smooth and fresh-looking skin. 

Suitable scrubs for your skin type: 
1. Coconut + Lemon Sugar Body Scrub
2. Hemp + Rosemary Sugar Body Scrub 

Perfect for all you sensitive skin sisters, these scrubs will gently cleanse and moisturise without rubbing your skin raw, leaving it hydrated and rejuvenated. Made with all the necessary antioxidants to have your skin looking and feeling badass, these scrubs will leave your acne behind and also help you plan out your summer social calendar. 


For The Tough Ones, Likes It Really Rough Ones (Rough Skin)

If you're not afraid to get rough with your skin because it feels more like sandpaper than a baby's butt then you need to be exfoliating regularly with a scrub that's harsh and not afraid to get its hands dirty with your skin. 

Getting all up in your skin's nooks 'n' crannies, rough scrubs will unclog your pores from the sweat your body's produced from your daily gym sesh, leaving your skin fresh and clear. They'll also get rid of dead skin cells and any dryness or tough spots on your skin so you can be feeling confident and glowy. 

Suitable scrubs for your skin type: 

1. Coffee + Epsom Body Scrub
2. Dirty Chai Coffee Scrub 

The magical magnesium in these grounded coffee scrubs assist in producing serotonin, 'the happiness chemical' in the brain that creates that feeling of calm and relaxation so you can recharge before smashin’ some more goals and kickin’ life’s butt.  


For Oily Prone Skin

If your skin looks like you've dunked your head in a vat of oil every time you leave the house then you need to make sure you're exfoliating regularly to avoid a build-up of acne (tasty), extra blackheads (yum) and fully clogged pores (exactly what you wanted for Christmas this year). 

Try exfoliating either every day or every two days with a scrub that's either light-medium in its 'roughness' level or medium-high depending on how much oil your skin naturally produces. 

Suitable scrubs for your skin type: 

1. Sugar + Fruit Bellini Body Scrub 
2. Himalayan + Lavender Salt Body Scrub 

These scrubs are guaranteed to get your blood flowin' and that skin glowin' with its mix of all the necessary antioxidants to help get rid of access oil, redness or irritation. 

Fueled with plant-based, vegan ingredients, these scrubs are your ultimate hype men who always have your back and are down to profess your greatness to anyone who’ll listen. 


 For The All-Rounders (Normal/Combination Skin)

Sometimes you go to the gym every morning. You always have your nails done but a few are always chipped. You organise Christmas presents in October but everyone gets the same thing. You're always the first picked for any sporting team but you suck at whatever you're playing and you meal prep on Sunday's but always end up ordering take-out at least a couple of times a week. Yep, you have mostly normal skin that can sometimes be a combination of too oily or too dry. 

Your skin type can change with the seasons so it's important for you to plan your skin routine accordingly. While you can be more aggressive when it comes to exfoliating, you still don't want to go overboard and risk making your skin mad at you. Try using some different strength exfoliating scrubs to see what works best. 

Suitable scrubs for your skin type: 

1. Hemp + Rosemary Sugar Body Scrub
2. Dirty Chai Coffee Scrub 

Working to block breakouts and acne from ever making an appearance on that super-duper face of yours, these scrubs ain’t afraid to get their hands dirty, and will always strive to achieve free skin for you and your social life (not that you need any help). 


 For The Ones Who Have Lips... 

....which should be all of us by the way. 

If you can't look at your bf/gf for more than 2 minutes without wanting to snog their face off or if you've been known to hit the town every Saturday night cruisin' for a kissin', then you need to make sure your lips are plump, primed and ready to go. There's no better way to achieve this then a healthy dose of the Chai Lip Scrub. 

Blended with sugar (for something sweet), chai (for something spicy), coconut and almond oils (for something tropical), put it all together and BOOM you've got yourself a lip lifesaver that's hella great for scrubbing away flaky, peeling skin. 

Smells like: A chai latte 
Helps with: Dry, flakey or cracked lips 
Exfoliation Level: Light to medium 
Suitable for: EVERYONE


Do's & Don't's 

PSA: We know it sounds like exfoliatin' and getting rid of all those dead skin cells is always a good idea but it's not. To keep it real with you, there are occasions where scrubbing your skin with rough products is the last thing you wanna be doing.

These times include when you're sunburnt, after using a skin lightener, before or after a chemical body peel and when you have mosquito bites (or any kind of bite really but what else is munching on you?!?) 

You also want to make sure you're not using the same exfoliating scrub for your body as the one you're using on your face. Typically the skin on your body isn't as oily, problematic or as temperamental as the skin on your face and should be treated differently. Don't use your body scrub above your chest area. Are you getting all of this? 

Also, avoid scrubbing and scrubbing and scrubbing your face when you're exfoliating. Regardless of your skin type, too much scrubbing will leave your skin angry and raw and that's never a good idea. Be gentle with your skin and let the right scrub for you do all the work. 

Pinky promise you've read our do's & don't's and will heed our advice on when to exfoliate and when to put your body scrub down. Go on, say you'll pinky promise (we can hear you).* 

*Not really but imagine if we could.