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pleased to meet you, nice butt!

We make worry-free, plant-based, cruelty free + vegan skincare that makes you feel fan-f*cking-tastic in your own skin! We are building a sustainable and ethical skincare brand inspired by real life. We strip it right back to basics because self-care should be easy, fun, personal and compassionate.

We believe in keepin' it real, creating super-powered skin food from Mama Nature, that's curated by you, our peers and our friends, so we can understand what's important to you and design skin-loving tools that make you feel like 24k magic all over. Above all, we want to give you back your confidence & glow – all while giving back to our furry friends and the planet.

We ditch the ridiculous claims, complicated regimes and airbrushed marketing and focus on raw, good quality, non-irritating skinfood that keeps bodies nourished and healthy from head to glorious butt.

founded by two aussie butts

+ one dingo fur baby

It all started one night 3.5 years ago, deep in the south side of Australia. Two high-fiving besties/soul sisters/skinny dippers and one lil’ needy dingo (yup, we adopted a dingo!) came up with this crazy idea that your skincare + self care routine could actually be easy-peasy, always cruelty-free, and make you feel like 24k magic, head to toe. 

We grew tired of searching (Sherlock Holmes style) for vegan products that were reliable and trustworthy. Reading Gobbledygook claims, lengthy ingredients listings with super long words is not our jam; it just made us super sleepy. We wanted to keep it real and lighten the mood. And above all else, we wanted people to make compassionate choices without compromise. We were sure (scrap that, we were certain) that looking after your skin could be simpler, healthier and feel a ton better. Less serious, more yay.

Apparently, we were asking for a unicorn.

So, we made a unicorn: gentle yet effective PLANT BASED + VEGAN products that keep your skin healthy while being kind to our furry friends and the earth. And they get brownie points for smelling freakin’ amazing!!!

It's all about stress-free self-care that keeps bodies glowing, smooth, hydrated and feeling peachy-keen all over. Our bodies work so hard. It’s time we give our bods some g-damn respect and TLC while we’re at it *no scrubs*

We believe in kindness from paw print to footprint – keep your butts glowing and those tails wagging.

Come join the movement and be a nudist with us!

face mask face mask
face mask

honest skin care?!

holy heck

Yep. We like to KEEP IT REAL.
So we’ve left out the unnecessary fluff and fuss. So much of skin care is intimidating, complicated and confusing.
We’ve made it a LOT simpler. No more complicated 10-step routines or wanky industry jargon that no one understands.
No thanks, Hank.

We pinky promise to be real with you. No fluff, just good quality, non-irritating skincare that gets you giddy and feeling fan-f**king-tastic.
Coz’ we want to give you the peace of mind and confidence you deserve, rather than strip you of it (and your cashola.)

consciously clean

We want your skincare routine to be a toxin-free zone, which is why we’re conscious of what we put into our products. We think less is more so we formulate skin food with simple, quality ingredients from nature.

Our formulas are free from fillers, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artifical fragrances, synthetic dyes and crappy lies.

We believe in a world where you get to enjoy healthy, happy, smooth’y, glow’y skin all of the time. And in that world, the products you apply to your face are as good for your skin as they are for your health. PREACH IT!

paw-sitively good skincare

We believe no one should suffer for us to enjoy beauty perks. And that includes our furry mates (doggos and dingos for life!). The beauty industry is broken and we are stepping forward to do our bit to try to bring change.

Every inch (including the private parts) of Buttnaked Skinfood is free from animal-derived ingredients, palm oil and has never been tested on animals. We are proudly credited as a cruelty-free company by Choose Cruelty Free Limited.

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