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our skin secrets to get your glow back

We've got the 411 on the best beauty tips that you definitely want to know about

our skin secrets to get your glow back

You'd be forgiven for wishing that there was some kind of skincare manual that you could read that held all the answers you're lookin' for when it comes to helpin' your skin out. 

You're soo not the only one. 

Just think about it. A beauty bible that explained how to get rid of dry skin, what product to use to help get rid of the angry, little red marks that pop up sporadically on your cheeks, and how to stop wrinkles from appearing. Unfortunately, there's no hardcover book we can turn to get our answers from but there is the internet and there is this blog. 

If you've got questions than we have all the answers to help you on your way down the yellow brick road to clear skin city. These skin secrets will sure to have your skin lookin' healthy, nourished, and glowin' in no time (you're welcome). 


don't sleep in your makeup 

This secret isn't really a secret, we mean, everyone should know to never, ever sleep with your makeup on. Not only does it leave foundation and mascara stains on your pillowcase and leave your face lookin' like a crime scene but it also clogs your pores and leaves your skin lookin' tired and dull. 

To avoid this, try double cleansing before going to sleep (we know this can be hard when it's 2am and your eyelids are feelin' super heavy but you must resist sleep) to make sure you've thoroughly removed any trace of makeup. 

There are many positives to adding a cleansing oil into your daily skincare routine beginning with removing impurities and dead skin cells and ending with leavin' the skin feeling super soft, super hydrated and super smooth. There's also the added bonus that cleansing your face will remove your makeup without leaving your skin dry and irritated. If you wanna give the oil cleansing method a go, follow the steps using our Lavender Cleansing Body + Face Oil

Step 1: Place a hot, damp washcloth on your face for roughly 20 seconds, allowing the heat/steam to loosen any dirt or gunk trapped in your pores. 

Step 2: Apply your cleansing oil, massaging it into your face in soft, circular motions for 30 seconds. 

Step 3: Use the washcloth to gently wipe away the oil and BAM you've got yourself a perfectly cleansed face. Congrats. 


your diet matters.....

not only if you want to be fit and healthy, but also if you want to have hydrated and flawless lookin' skin.

We should all know by now that a good glow starts on the inside and works its way out, meaning you should put down the tub of ice cream and replace your daily wine intake with water. Although there aren't that many scientific studies that prove it, we're 99% convinced that if we're consuming less sugar then our skin is gonna be a lot happier.

Even better, to help combat acne and repair skin, try eating foods that are high in zinc and magnesium (so open up a can of baked beans and snack on some almonds). Magnesium taken orally can help to repair, keep skin flexible and supple, while zinc can reduce the severity of acne and early signs of maturing skin. Or if you want to get that instant summery bronzed lookin' skin, try adding some carrots or sweet potatoes to your diet to help boost your beta-carotene levels. 


apply sunscreen whenever you leave the house 

Even though it's Winter, that doesn't mean you can't still get sunburnt (trust us, we learnt that the hard way). Even if it appears overcast outside, always remember to slip, slop, slap so your skin's properly protected against the sun's harsh UV rays. 

Not only does applying sunscreen lower your risk of skin cancer, it also prevents the premature ageing of your skin (while we admit that having a tan is cute, what's not cute is lookin' like you're 60 when you're actually 30). 

Sunscreen also helps to even out your skin tone, fighting off discolouration and dark spots to make sure your skin doesn't look like it's made out of leather. 


tone it up 

Another great step to ensuring you don't have any unwanted gunk on your face, including make up and dirt, is to use a toner as part of your skincare routine. 

After you take off your makeup, and wash your face, you should always use a toner before moisturising. Toner's will remove any impurities still left on your skin and will actually help to restore its pH balance, leavin' your skin feeling hydrated and smooth. 


don't forget to hydrate

One of the biggest mistakes you're probably making without even realising it, is not applying moisturiser to your skin quickly enough after cleansing it. It might sound silly but you really only have a short window (and that window gets smaller and smaller by the second) until your skin loses the moisture you worked so hard to trap in. 

If you let your skin dry completely, the moisture in your skin will be magically pulled into the air and then you've pretty much wasted the money you spent on the cleanser and the time it took you to use it. 

We recommend letting your skin breathe for about 10 seconds after cleansing and then apply your fave moisturiser. 


know the difference between dry and dehydrated skin 

Dry skin is a skin type, but dehydrated skin can be caused by certain lifestyle and environmental factors that anyone can experience. When your skin feels dry, it's natural to assume that you have dry skin but it could just be dehydrated. Both dry and dehydrated skin can cause flakiness, dullness so it can be difficult to figure out what your skin is dealing with. 

Dehydrated skin refers to when your skin is lacking water, which can make it feel super oily. This can then cause you to freak the f**k out and use harsh oil removing products, which strips the skin of its natural oils, in turn making your skin overcompensate and freak the f**k out too.

Dehydrated skin can be caused by many factors including environment, lifestyle habits, lack of sleep, too much alcohol + caffeine, smoking,  poor diet, sweating from exercise and incorrect product use. The weather can also play a roll, cold wind, air conditioning and heating can all cause moisture to evaporate from the skin. 

What does dehydrated skin look like?
• Itchiness
• redness + inflammation
• Dark circles under the eyes
• Sunken eyes
• ‘Shadows’ around the face (especially under the eyes and around the nose)
• Increased appearance of fine lines and surface wrinkles

Dry skin refers to when your skin lacks lipids (natural fats) and this is bad because your skin's lipid barrier helps to lock moisture in and block irritants out. Dry skin tends to be uncomfortable, flaky, and itchy.

What does dry skin look like?
• Feels rough
• Appears dry
• Can be flaky

Our solution? Drink plenty of water (at least 8 glasses a day), eat more water-rich vegetable and fruits, such as watermelon, cucumbers, bananas, strawberries, spinach, iceberg lettuce, radishes and celery. To top it off use a super hydrating oil (perhaps our prickly pear hydrating face + hair oil?) or moisturiser which should leave your skin protected, glowin' and flawless.


how about a massage? 

And no we're not talking about spending some serious $$$ on an expensive spa.

When you're applying your moisturiser at night, try massaging it into your skin using firm upward movements to help lift and tone the skin. You can also try draining your skin of unwanted nasties by using outward sweeping motions with a firm pressure to really help your moisturiser sink itself in and settle itself down for the night. 


don't be too hasty when it comes to trying out new stuff 

We've all been guilty of buying an expensive cleanser, using it once, spotting a new, angry-looking pimple the next day, and throwing up our hands in exasperation before declaring that you'll never buy it again. BUT you have to learn to give skincare products a fair shot. 

We recommend trialling a new product for at least 3 months (unless the product is causing some allergic reaction in your skin) so you're giving it a chance to really perform. Sometimes this takes time (it might just be nervous), and three months is enough for your newest addition to make an impact. 


take beauty sleep seriously 

I know that 'beauty sleep' is often made fun of but it's an actual thing. 

In short, getting 8 hours of sleep allows your skin to get the much-needed rest and recharge it needs due to stress hormones plummeting at night and growth hormones rising. This process is the perfect breeding ground for cellular repair that'll have your skin lookin' glowy and beyond healthy, and the best news is, you can usually see the results of catching some much-needed zzzz's the next morning. 

Be aware: under-eye puffiness can be caused by a spike in cortisol levels (which happens when you don't get enough sleep). As a result of this, the rate of collagen breakdown increases which then causes the dark circles and under-eye bags to move in (and act like they have a right to be there).

Oh and try to stay away from yawning and squinting as well, as those actions can also break collagen and elastic down around the eyes too. 

Once again, just make sure you take off your makeup properly before hitting the sheets.


exfoliate on the regular

If you're not exfoliating at least 2-3 times a week then you're basically putting moisturiser on dead skin. No, seriously.

Our skin cells turn over at a slower rate each year and without the help of a good exfoliating scrub, this can often leave your skin tired and dull. 

Not only is your skin more likely to break out and rebel against you but dead skin cells also prevent your moisturiser and other products from doing their jobs (making them kinda useless). Exfoliating helps to rid your skin of discolouration and will definitely and absolutely fight your clogged pores so that you don't have to.

This is where a good body/face scrub comes in to save the day (and your skin). 

Why not try our super clear and hydrating hemp + sugar body scrub? You know you want to, XOXO